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      A concise PDF that highlights the virtues and merits of Dhul Hijjah.
    • The significance and actions of the 10 days & the Days of ‘Arafah and Tashriq
    • How to Attain the Reward of Hajj Without Performing it
    • Qurbani: More Than Just Tender Meat
    • What Should You Do In The 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah
    From His infinite mercy, Allah has made certain periods of time superior to others. In these periods, He multiplies the rewards of good deeds and forgives abundant sins. Alhamdulillah, the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah is one of these periods. The Messenger of Allah described these days as the best days in the sight of Allah. (Ibn Hibban) 'The Best Days of Your Life' is a short e-book, compiled to help you make the most of these blessed days. We pray that its compilation of narrations will inspire you to righteous action and seek closeness to Allah. May Allah make these the best days of our lives.
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      What is the purpose of Qurbani? Why does Allah command us to sacrifice an animal on this day? 10 points to understand the purpose and wisdom of this blessed act.
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      A concise PDF that highlights the virtues and merits of Ramadan. Each year we are reminded that this Ramaḍān may be our final one. We also often remember those who were here last year but have passed on to Allah (subḥānahū wa ta‘ālā) since then. This year the reminder will be even more stark, with the Covid-19 pandemic bringing death close to our communities and homes. Amidst today’s confusion and pain however, Ramaḍān, by the will of Allah, is going to be exactly what we need: patience through fasting, tranquillity through the night prayer, purification through repentance, comfort through du‘ā’ and contentment through dhikr. For this Ramaḍān to be our best, we should start preparing now, spiritually but also physically. The month of Sha‘bān is akin to the sunnah prayers. The sunnah prayers help us to get into the ‘mode’ of salāḥ and prepare us for the farḍ prayers. By preparing in Sha‘bān, we are more likely to taste the sweetness of fasting and qiyām in Ramaḍān.


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