Life With Allah is a daʿwah initiative of Ummah Welfare Trust which aims to connect the creation to The Creator

Our goal is to instil the love and maʿrifah (deep knowledge) of Allah and His Messenger ﷺ in ourselves, our families and the wider Ummah.

We envision an Ummah that is connected to the Book of Allah; that savours the sweetness of īmān and worship; and that worships Allah with baṣīrah (sure knowledge and insight).

We hope to strengthen our īmān and nurture the īmān of our upcoming generations, enabling them to remain steadfast in this era of trials.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Knowing Allah and His Messenger ﷺ
  • The journey of the hereafter
  • The actions and diseases of the heart
  • Tasting the sweetness of ṣalāh
  • Connecting deeply with the Qur’ān
  • Dhikr & duʿā’
  • The inner dimensions of Ramaḍān and ḥajj

What We Do

  • Produce and publish books and pamphlets (print and digital)
  • Distribute banners and posters for masjids
  • Share daily reminders via social media
  • Develop educational resources
  • Provide authentic Islamic content through our website and app
  • All of our print and digital material is free and available to all.
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Authentic Remembrances & Supplications prescribed by the Messenger of Allah