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In order to make the content of this topic accessible and practical for all, there are three components to ‘Taste the Sweetness of Salah’:

(1) The A5 detailed book Taste the Sweetness of Ṣalāh

(2) The A6 summary booklet Enjoy Your Ṣalāh

(3) The pocket-sized Adhkar of Salah booklet

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Do you find yourself drifting off as soon as you say Allahu Akbar?

Do you suddenly remember where you misplaced your keys or an email you forgot to reply to?

Have you ever wanted to learn in detail what every single word you recite in ṣalāh means?

Would you like to learn what khushūʿ is and how you can attain it in your ṣalāh?

Do you feel like you ‘have’ to pray, rather than ‘wanting’ and ‘loving’ to pray?

If so, this series is for you inshallah (and it’s FREE alhamdulillah!)

About the Book

Taste the Sweetness of Ṣalāh is a guide on how to attain khushūʿ and enjoy your ṣalāh. It offers tips on how to achieve full focus and truly connect with Allah in your ṣalāh. It includes:

  • An explanation of khushūʿ and why we struggle with it
  • Practical steps before, during and after ṣalāh to develop khushūʿ
  • A journey through ṣalāh
  • The various adhkār (remembrances) of ṣalāh
  • The ṣalāh of our beloved Messenger ﷺ and the pious people
  • The secrets of ṣalāh

Tailored to Your Needs

  • Interactive review and reflect questions at the end of each chapter, with blank spaces for you to come back and reflect on (think ṣalāh journaling!)
  • Inspirational quotes and stories
  • Written in plain English & simplified with lists and diagrams.
  • Arabic du‘as with translations

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