This Ramaḍān, raise the bar by learning and reflecting about the inner dimensions of fasting, the night prayer, iʿtikāf, Laylat al-Qadr and much more. Journey to Allah in Ramadan (Detailed Book)
  • Deepen your relationship with Allah and accelerate your journey to Him
  • 30+ reminders to taste the sweetness of iman and worship
  • Just 7 minutes a day to read!
My Ramadan Companion (Summary Book)
  • 30 easy-to-read daily reminders and reflection exercises
  • ‘Reflect and Act’ prompts to help you cultivate new habits
  • An abridged version of 'Journey to Allah in Ramadan'
  • Just 4 minutes a day to read!

You may order either one of the two books. Expected delivery: 5-7 working days.