Short Summary

‘My Ramadan Companion’ is a daily guide to help you deepen your relationship with Allah. It explores how you can strive to become His true servants, and strengthen your īmān. It helps you gain new habits, discard the bad ones, and truly transform your life. The book consists of 30 reminders, one for each day of Ramaḍān. Each section ends with prompts to ‘reflect and act’ which we pray you will find beneficial. It may be helpful for you to have a journal/notebook for the reflective exercises. We also recommend gathering your family for 5-10 minutes every day this Ramaḍān to read and reflect on the day’s reminder.

  • 30 easy-to-read daily reminders and reflection exercises
  • ‘Reflect and Act’ prompts to help you cultivate new habits
  • An abridged version of ‘Journey to Allah in Ramadan’
  • Just 4 minutes a day to read!

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