Increase du‘ā’ in these times and situations:

1. The end of the fard prayers. (Tirmidhī)

2. Between adhān & iqāmah. (Tirmidhī)

3. The last third part of the night. (Bukhārī)

4. Whilst in sajdah. (Muslim)

5. Whilst fasting and when opening the fast. (Tirmidhī)

6. The last portion of the day of Jumu‘ah. (Abū Dāwūd)

7. Day of ‘Arafah. (Tirmidhī)

8. When one asks Allah with His Greatest Name. (See here)

9. When drinking zamzam water. (Ibn Mājah)

10. When it rains. (Abū Dāwūd)

11. When travelling. (Tirmidhī)

12. For your absent brother. (Muslim)

13. When oppressed. (Bukhārī)

14. When a parent makes du‘ā’ for their child. (Tirmidhī)

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