Salah Y10

Y10 L5 Summary of Journey of Salah Worksheet2022-06-11T10:20:10+00:00
Y10 Lesson 5 A Journey Through Salah2022-06-11T10:19:05+00:00
Y10 Lesson 4 Surah al Fatihah2022-06-11T10:05:30+00:00
Y10 L3 5 Tips for Tadabbur Worksheet2022-06-09T15:03:08+00:00
Y10 Lesson 3 Tadabbur and Tartil (How to Develop Khushu)2022-06-09T14:56:26+00:00
Y10 L2 Walk Around The Classroom Ahadith2022-05-26T15:16:52+00:00
Y10 Lesson 2 How to Develop Khushu 5 Steps Outside Salah2022-05-26T15:15:02+00:00
Y10 L1 The Salah of the Prophet ﷺ2022-05-26T11:04:41+00:00
Y10 Lesson 1 The Prophet’s Salah & Why We Lack Khushu2022-05-26T15:19:26+00:00


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