Don’t think for a single second that as-Shahīd is not witnessing the genocide. Or that al-ʿAlīm is oblivious to the agonies of the injured. Or that as-Samīʿ cannot hear the cries of the babies. Or that al-Baṣīr cannot see His houses and the houses of His servants being destroyed. Or that al-Raqīb does not see through the lies of the oppressors. Or that al-Muḥīṭ is not keeping count of the depraved crimes of the evildoers and their allies.

Do not doubt for a single moment that al-Jabbār will destroy His enemies. Or that al-Qahhār will unleash His wrath against them – if not now, then very soon. Don’t think for a single second that al-ʿAdl will let the crimes of the tyrants go unchecked. Or that al-Ḥakīm will let the suffering of the Palestinians be in vain.

Don’t think for a single moment that al-Wakīl will abandon His true slaves. Or that al-Mawlā will fail to protect His servants who glorify His Name. Don’t think for a single moment that al-Naṣīr will not grant victory to His unwavering servants. Or that al-Fattāḥ will not open inconceivable pathways for His sincere servants.

Don’t think that al-Raḥīm will not envelop the martyred babies with His loving tender care. Or that al-Wadūd will not honour His beloved martyrs with eternal bliss. Or that al-Shakūr will not generously reward the efforts of those who persevered and struggled in His cause.

Do not ever doubt in Allah (ʿazza wa jall) — the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Most Powerful, the Most Supreme.

Allah Is With Them
Allah’s Unlimited Rewards