We are here on a special journey: a journey of knowing, loving and worshipping Allah, our Creator, our Nurturing Lord.

The journey to Allah is unique, because it is a journey to The One who is The Unique. It is a journey to The One who owns the treasures of the world and beyond, The One whose generosity knows no limits, The One who is the Most Loving. It is a journey to The Most Magnificent, The Most Perfect and The Most Beautiful.

It is a journey, however, paved with obstacles: the glitter and glamour of the world, Shayṭān, and the nafs. It is a journey paved with difficulties, but its destination is unlike any other. It is also a journey which requires knowledge: knowledge of the route, knowledge of the destination and knowledge of the provisions that we must take with us.

Ramaḍān is a special gift from Allah, in which we can accelerate in this journey. Join us in this blessed month, as we attempt to not just race ahead in this journey, but to also find joy along the way, inshāAllah.

Knowing Allah: The Beginning of the Journey
Ramadan: The Month of the Qur’an