As the best days of the year come to an end, conclude this season of worship with:

1. Istighfar. Like all other acts of worship, ask Allah (subḥānahū wa ta‘ālā) to forgive your shortcomings and sins. Ibn Rajab (raḥimahullāh) wrote: “lstighfār (seeking forgiveness) is the seal of all righteous acts: ṣalāh, ḥajj, and the night prayer are concluded with it, and gatherings are concluded with it…”

2. Gratitude. Thank Allah for giving you this beautiful season of worship.

3. Hope and fear. Do not be deceived by your acts of worship. Have hope in Allah (subḥānahū wa ta‘ālā) that He will accept it from you, and at the same time feel scared that your acts of worship will not be accepted.

“l witnessed the predecessors exerting their utmost efforts in performing righteous deeds, but upon performing them, anxiety would befall them as to whether their deeds would be accepted or not.” -ʿAbd al-Azīz b. Abī Rawwād (raḥimahullāh)

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