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  • A pocket-sized pamphlet with the all main adhkār in Arabic.
  • Very convenient to keep in your pocket, handbag and on your bedside table.
  • Fully vowelled and easy to read.

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Praise be to Allah, who bestowed upon us the gift of remembering Him, who blessed us with His beautiful words so that we may know Him and who brought comfort to our hearts by enabling us to worship Him. May peace and blessings be upon the best of creation, Muhammad ﷺ, the Prophets, the Companions and the Righteous.

Allah has praised the men and women who remember Him frequently. Commenting on this āyah, ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbās (r.a.) said: “It refers to those who remember Allah after the prayers, in the morning and evening, upon going to bed and when waking up, leaving or entering the house.” (al-Adhkār)

Adhkār is the plural of dhikr, and it refers to remembrances and supplications. This concise book of adhkār aims to highlight the established and indispensable daily adhkār prescribed by the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, which are found in the sahīh and hasan ahādīth. These are the essentials that every believer should take as provisions in his journey to Allah. The first chapter ‘General Adhkār’ contains remembrances for all times. This is followed by three chapters dedicated to the daily morning and evening adhkār, the adhkār before sleeping, and the adhkār
after salāh, as per the statement of Ibn ‘Abbās (r.a). The final chapter concludes with supplications and remembrances for other actions. Special attention has been given to the morning and evening adhkār to revive this oft-neglected Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah . For the benefit of the readers, translations of the adhkār and their virtues where applicable have been included.

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