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Taste the Sweetness of Ṣalāh is a guide on how to attain khushūʿ and enjoy your ṣalāh. It offers tips on how to achieve full focus and truly connect with Allah in your ṣalāh. It includes:

  • An explanation of khushūʿ and why we struggle with it
  • Practical steps before, during and after ṣalāh to develop khushūʿ
  • A journey through ṣalāh
  • The various adhkār (remembrances) of ṣalāh
  • The ṣalāh of our beloved Messenger ﷺ and the pious people
  • The secrets of ṣalāh

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“Successful indeed are the believers, who are humble in their ṣalāh” (23:1-2).
As the second of Islam’s five pillars, ṣalāh is one of the greatest acts of worship. Our beloved Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ described it as the ‘joy’ of his life, and it was his greatest recourse throughout his noble years of Prophethood.

Gifted to us directly from above the seven heavens by Allah Most High, ṣalāh remains the key to all good. Sadly today, despite its unmatched virtues, many of us consider ṣalāh as inconvenient, and even burdensome. Instead of ‘wanting’ to pray, we feel like we ‘have’ to.

Taste the Sweetness of Salah is a guide on how to break this apathy; and to start immersing ourselves in ṣalāh and begin tasting its sweetness and joy. Interlaced with stories of the righteous, it explores how we can attain khushūʿ (complete humility and concentration) and, thereby, delight in this lofty worship. With its focus on the spiritual elements and inner dimensions of ṣalāh, this book will hopefully benefit every believer, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey.

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