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  • A concise PDF that highlights the virtues and merits of Ramaḍān mentioned in authentic aḥādīth. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: "The month of Ramaḍān has come to you, a blessed month in which Allah - Exalted and Majestic is He - has obligated (its) fasting upon you. In it the gates of Paradise are opened, the gates of Hell-fire are closed, and the rebellious devils are chained. In it, Allah has a night which is better than a thousand months. Whoever is deprived of its good is truly deprived!” (Nasā’ī) We ask Allah The Most Exalted to make Ramaḍān the means of forgiveness for our sins, and to attain His love and mercy. Download, read, print and share with family and friends
  • ‘Dhul Hijjah The Best Days of The Year’ is a short A6 booklet compiled to help you make the most of these blessed days. The booklet includes:
    • The Significance of These Blessed Days
    • How to Connect to Allah in These Days
    • The Greatness of the Day of ʿArafah
    • The Wisdoms Behind Qurbānī
    • The Momentous Days of Tashrīq
    The maximum limit for this product is “5” if you require more, please email [email protected]
  • Iʿtikāf is one of the most noble acts when performed with sincerity (ikhlāṣ). During iʿtikāf, one distances his heart from worldly matters and hands himself over to his Lord. He is in constant service to Him and takes shelter in His fortified House. This FREE EBOOK includes:
    1. The Essence of Iʿtikaf
    2. The Goals of Iʿtikaf
    3. How to Optimise Your Iʿtikaf
    Download, read, print and share with family and friends
  • During certain blessed moments and places, we are given a wealth of opportunities to seek the mercy, love and blessings of Allah. These moments, particularly the ‘sacred months’, have been specially selected by Allah as the best times to worship Him and attain His proximity. The month of Muharram is another blessed month; a chance for us to begin the New Islamic Year with good deeds, righteous intentions and praiseworthy resolutions. This FREE E-Book contains:
    • The Four Sacred Months
    • The Magnitude of Actions
    • Start the Year on a Good Note
    • Why is Muharram Special?
    • What to Do in Muharram
    • ʿAshura’: The 10th of Muharram
    • Virtues of Fasting on ʿAshura’
    • Fasting on the 9th and 11th
    Download, read, print and share with family and friends
  • Now that Ramaḍān is over, let us ask ourselves: what next? What did we gain from Ramaḍān? How did it change us? Did it transform our lives? Will our life post-Ramaḍān look exactly the same as life pre-Ramaḍān? This FREE Ebook includes:
    • Evaluate Your Ramadan
    • Fasting in Shawwal
    • Stay Steadfast After Ramadan
    • Stay Away from Sins
    • The Journey Continues
    Download, read, print and share with family and friends
  • For this Ramaḍān to be our best, we should start preparing now, spiritually but also physically. By preparing in Shaʿbān, we are more likely to taste the sweetness of fasting and qiyām in Ramaḍān inshāAllah. This FREE PDF includes: - Ways in which we can prepare for this month - The goals of Ramadan - What we should include in our schedule - What we should avoid - How to connect to the Qur'an
  • What is the purpose of Qurbani? Why does Allah command us to sacrifice an animal on this day? 10 points to understand the purpose and wisdom of this blessed act.
  • Fasting in Ramaḍān reminds us of our hungry and needy brothers and sisters. It increases our empathy for them, removes arrogance towards them and makes us more eager to give ṣadaqah (charity) to them. It also reminds us to be grateful for all the food and drink Allah al-Razzāq (The Supreme Provider) sustains us with. On the whole, fasting teaches us to be less self-centered. By experiencing hunger, we learn how to curtail our greed, and this should help us to develop the noble quality of īthār: giving preference to others over oneself. Read this comprehensive Ebook that explains the importance of charity and being of service to others, especially in the month of Ramaḍān. This FREE EBOOK includes:
    1. The Excellence of Sadaqah
    2. Being Generous Like the Prophet ﷺ in Ramadan
    3. Providing Iftar
    4. The Etiquettes of Sadaqah
    5. Helping People & Tying Kinship
    If you lend to Allah a good loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you. For Allah is Most Appreciative, Most Forbearing” (64:17.) Download, read, print and share with family and friends. May Allah al-Wadūd (The Most Loving) unite our hearts and our ummah
  • ʿĀ’ishah (raḍiy Allāhu ʿanhā) said, “The Messenger of Allah ﷺ would combine both prayer and sleep (at night) during the first 20 (days of Ramaḍān). But when the last ten days arrived, he would exert himself in worship and stay away from his wives” (Aḥmad). The last ten nights of Ramaḍān are for intensive worship. Just as the Messenger ﷺ used to cut himself off from people and perform iʿtikāf in the masjid, we too should try to do the same. We should use use this time to connect deeply with Allah (ʿazza wa jall) and avoid wasting precious time. This FREE Ebook explains the virtue of Laylat al-Qadr and gives practical tips on how to maximise from it. Download, read, print and share with family and friends
  • “Ramaḍān is the month in which the Qur’ān was revealed – a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the criterion (between right and wrong)…” (2:185) Imagine the scenario. It is the best month of the year: Ramaḍān. Every night, there is a magnificent union taking place. The best of mankind, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ is meeting the best of angels, Jibrīl (ʿalayhis salām) to review the best of words: the words of the Most Magnificent, Exalted is He. Ramaḍān is the month of the Qur'an. We should dedicate as much time as possible in Ramaḍān for reciting and learning the Qur’ān. Along with this, qiyām at night is one of the greatest acts of worship a slave can perform. It brings with it a sweetness which is nearly impossible to experience otherwise. One of life’s greatest joys is being able to cry out to one’s Maker in the stillness of the night, in qiyām, in sajdah, when one is closest to Him. Ramaḍān is the perfect time to build a connection with qiyām and experience the sweetness of ṣalāh. This new Ebook highlights the merits of virtues of Qur'an and qiyām to help us build a connection with it during this blessed month. Download, read, print and share with family and friends
  • From His infinite mercy, Allah has made certain periods of time superior to others. In these periods, He multiplies the rewards of good deeds and forgives abundant sins. The first 10 days of Dhul Ḥijjah are amongst these special periods. Unlike Ramaḍān, this season of worship is often overlooked and neglected by many of us. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ however described these days as the best days in the sight of Allah (Ibn Ḥibbān). The subsequent three days are also of great significance: days of eating, drinking and remembering Allah. ‘The Best Days of Your Life’ is a short book compiled to help you make the most of these blessed days. The book gives a detailed explanation on:
    • The virtues of these blessed days
    • How to deepen your connection with Allah
    • The Day of ʿArafah
    • The significance of qurbānī
    • The Days of Tashrīq
    We ask Allah to make this book is a means of cultivating an atmosphere of worship and dhikr in our homes and communities in the blessed month of Dhul Ḥijjah.
  • The Day of ʿArafah (9th of Dhul Ḥijjah) is the greatest day of ḥajj. It is the day on which sins are forgiven, souls are released from the Hell-fire, and duʿās are readily accepted. Download, read, print and share with family and friends
  • “Successful indeed is the one who purifies their soul, and doomed is the one who corrupts it!” (91:9-10). Why do you fast? Is it because everyone around you does? Is it because it’s one of the five pillars? Have you ever wondered why it is one of the five pillars? Although we strive to learn about the legal rulings of fasting, we often miss out on reflecting upon and attaining the spiritual elements of fasting. An insightful new E-Book that explains how fasting is connected to the actions of the heart and how fasting purifies the soul and helps us attain taqwā, ikhlāṣ, ṣabr and shukr. This FREE E-Book includes:
    1. Fasting & The Purification of The Soul
    2. Taqwā: The Purpose of Fasting
    3. Fasting & Ṣabr: A Training Programme to Stop Sinning
    4. Fasting & Shukr: The Blessing of Ifṭār and Suḥūr
    5. Fasting & Ikhlāṣ
    6. Fasting & Duʿā’
    Download, read, print and share with family and friends. May Allah al-Quddūs (The Pure) make our hunger and thirst a means of purifying our hearts this Ramadhan
  • Accompany the Prophet ﷺ and his companions on their blessed journey to fulfil their Hajj. From the mountains echoing with the proclamations of Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk, to the companions receiving the special care and compassion of the Prophet ﷺ, to the heartfelt advice he gave to all his followers — experience the hajj of the Prophet ﷺ and reflect on its profound lessons to strengthen your own connection with Allah ﷻ.
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