Location Bolton (UWT Head Office) (On-Site), London (UWT Office) Job type Full Time
  • Responsible To: Head of LWA
  • Salary Bracket: £22,000 - £28,000


The Role

This role is based in the “Life With Allah” (LWA) department – a da’wah initiative of Ummah Welfare Trust which aims to connect the creation to The Creator

The successful candidate will be a creative and organised individual, sympathetic to the aims of the Charity and the LWA, that will help organise, oversee and edit the department’s video output.

As part of the team, the candidate will play a vital role in educating and raising awareness about LWA’s work and education campaigns. The ideal candidate will also have some experience in graphics design for print and social media.

Main Duties

  • Responsible for organising and assembling content into a finished product that is suitable for online marketing and social media.
  • To work as part of a team alongside a graphic designer and content editor.
  • Occasionally support a full-time graphic designer by designing publications and social media posts.
  • Any other duties that are commensurate to the role.

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